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it is the only structured organization present in the area of Gabicce and Gradara.

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TOWN OF GABICCE MARE Department of economic activities

Law n. 110 24 September 2009

Taxi rates are calculated with an electronic tool called taximeter, which calculates the final price to be paid. Outside the municipal area, the use of the taximeter is not mandatory and the rate can also be agreed in advance. Taxi fares are authorized by the municipal council with a specific law and consist of a fixed and a variable part. The fixed part is the amount relating to the transfer of the taxi and the variable part is the cost per km. and by the hourly cost if the journey is less than 20 km. Then, fares vary according to the route (urban or extra-urban). There are also supplements for holidays, for the night service (from 22:00 to 06:00) for the suburban service above 50 km., For collective transport, over four people, and for luggage.

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